Institute for Academic Outreach


January 5, 2018

Dual Enrollment Biology Program: Instruction

Students in the Dual Enrollment Biology program learn the course content by  viewing lectures and completing assignments delivered online.  In addition, students complete laboratory assignments in their local classroom, under the supervision of a trained local facilitator.  The college grade is assigned by a university faculty member.  In some instances where schedules permit and a school’s facilities are proximal to Truman State University, select labs may be performed on campus.

Course Content:

BIOL 100 – Biology

The general theme of this course is similarities in living systems as viewed at various levels – the genetic code, energy production, homeostasis, and adaptations for survival.  The scientific method as a mode of inquiry will be presented and used in laboratory investigations.  This course includes both a lecture and laboratory component for a total of 4 credit hours.  Students receive one grade for the 4 hours of credit.

BIOL 100 is a course designed for students interested in Biology, and fulfilling a Biology or lab requirement for their future college careers, but who probably do not intend on becoming Biology majors.  Most colleges require students to at least complete a life science course, such as this one, to develop a general understanding of life sciences and the scientific method.  Students who know they will be majoring in Biology when they attend college should be aware that this course will typically not count for the requirements of a Biology major, but could be used as a free elective in their degree program.  For students who are uncertain, this course may provide a useful exploratory experience in Biology at the college level.

Through this class we hope to open students’ eyes to how biology plays an important role in our lives and possibly our areas of academic interest, as we grow to become smart consumers of science in today’s society.  Students will be discussing many hot topics in science and should come prepared to share their thoughts and opinions with the rest of the class.

As a dual enrollment course, the primary content of the course will be delivered online.  Students will view online lectures, read required course material, consult outside resources, and participate in discussions as they work to develop their understand of the course material.  Your Truman professor is the instructor for this course, and is readily available to answer questions through online office hours and email.  As with an on-campus course, your professor’s job is to help you be successful in class.  With this course, however, you have the added benefit of your high school teacher, who is present in your classroom to serve as a facilitator.  Your high school teacher will be facilitating your lab experiments, discussions on the course content, and examinations.

The primary objectives of this course are that, upon completion of this course, students should be able to:

  • Evaluate a newspaper or journal article for evidence of bias
  • Support their own positions on controversial science topics
  • Understand key biological concepts from molecules to the biosphere
  • Translate key biological concepts for a lay audience
  • Apply the scientific process to investigate a problem