Dual Enrollment Statistics

Truman offers a computer-assisted dual-enrollment Basic Statistics course.  Students will study material over a sixteen-week interval, using Pearson’s My Lab and Mastering online homework management system.  Weekly homework deadlines through My Lab and Mastering will serve to keep students on pace in the course.   The interactive homework management system also gives students immediate feedback on answer attempts and includes additional features such as sample problems and hints.  Online video lectures and interactive simulations will additionally help students learn the material. Students will also be able to receive individual feedback on deep learning questions and interact with their instructor via email and virtual office hours.  Students will be introduced to StatCrunch, a web-based statistical software which will be used to assist with various assignments throughout the course.

This course counts as a regular Truman State University course and will appear on transcripts as STAT 190.  These credits are accepted anywhere that accepts Truman State University credit.  Schools will work with Truman to determine student eligibility to enroll in this course.

Contact the Institute for Academic Outreach for program details.