Proctoring Arrangements for Homeschool Students

With the increased popularity of homeschooling in the United States, parents are taking a variety of approaches to instruction.  Our proctoring policy is designed to recognize the diversity of these approaches while maintaining the rigorous assessment standards for concurrent enrollment required by our accreditors.

Proctoring for Parents Who School in Their Own Home

Parents who guide the instruction of their own children in a homeschool environment may not proctor their own children on behalf of the University.  In order to facilitate a proctoring environment that is consistent for all students, we maintain the following standards for all proctors:

  • Proctors must be employees of an educational institution, which may include a public or private school, college, or university OR an official of a college or university testing center that is a member of the NCTA.
  • The employee must proctor the examination at their institutional environment (e.g. school, college, university, library, NCTA testing center).
  • The employee must acknowledge by signature the rules and procedures for proctoring in the Competency-Based Mathematics system or be employees of a NCTA testing center or a school already under contract with Truman to provide CBM coursework.
  • Truman’s CBM Coordinator must approve the selected proctor prior to their service.

Truman reserves the right to deny the choice of a student’s proctor for any reason but will typically do so either on the grounds that the individual is too close to the student to guarantee objective proctoring (i.e. relative, next door neighbor), insufficiently qualified to manage the system, or lacks access to the necessary equipment or space to provide a suitable testing environment.

Proctoring for Students Participating in a Consortial or Collective Home School

In some cases, groups of families have established a consortium or collective to provide a homeschool experience for multiple students.  In these cases a teacher may have been selected from among the parents of the consortium or collective to provide instruction in certain topics.  In these instances, when such a school has a designated principal, director, or coordinator who will certify on behalf of the consortium the independence and qualifications of the proctor, Truman may certify a proctor from within the consortium.  Such arrangements will typically only be made where multiple students from the same school are participating in the program.

NCTA Testing

The National College Testing Association is an organization uniting the campus testing centers of colleges and universities across the United States.  Interested students can arrange for proctoring of their examinations at NCTA sites without a contract or pre-approval by Truman.  Truman only needs to provide testing instructions to the NCTA proctor.

To find an NCTA testing center near you, click here and select your state on the displayed map.

Note that most testing centers charge a fee for their services.  Center hours vary.

Students living in the Kirksville Missouri area may also visit the Truman State University campus for their proctored testing.

Steps in Assigning a Proctor

  1. Identify a proctor who meets the qualifications described above.
  2. If the proctor is a faculty member or counselor of a CBM Contracted School or works at an NCTA testing center, send the proctor’s name and contact information to the CBM Coordinator.
  3. If the proctor is NOT an employee of a CBM Contracted School or a proctor at an NCTA Testing Center, have your identified proctor complete the Proctor Approval Form and submit it to the CBM Coordinator for approval.
  4. Once the proctor is identified, the CBM Coordinator will provide the proctor with the necessary access instructions to launch your exam.

Testing Environment

Proctoring must occur in the institutional environment in which the designated proctor is employed (e.g. school, library, testing center).  Proctoring should not occur in the proctor’s home or in the home of the student.  The environment should provide comfortable working space, an internet-connected computer, and a minimum of distractions.

Students needing special accommodations due to a documented disability should notify the Institute for Academic Outreach and/or the CBM Coordinator, who will work with the Disability Services office on campus to determine the appropriate accommodations.

Requirements for Scheduling and Compensating Proctors

It is important that students plan ahead when scheduling a proctor.  The proctor will need sufficient time to review CBM policies, submit paperwork for approval by the CBM Coordinator, and wait for approval before a test can be scheduled.  We require that the proctor be identified at the time of registration so that you will use throughout the term.  Please allow at least 48 hours for approval of a proctor after paperwork has been submitted (at least 72 hours on weekends).  Proctors may be changed, with notice and prior approval, during the course of the term.

NCTA testing centers will have a published price for proctoring on their website.  This will be the amount students will be required to pay for each examination.  Be mindful that each testing center’s schedules are different.  Many do not have weekend hours.  If you elect to hire a teacher, administrator, librarian, or other individual outside of the NCTA system, we recommend you offer a payment of $20 per proctoring session.  Ultimately, the fee is up to you and the proctor to negotiate.