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Non-Degree Seeking Student Admission

If you wish to take one or two courses but do not wish to pursue a degree, you can apply as a non-degree seeking student. Non-degree seeking students typically include:

  • High school students taking courses at Truman
  • Students enrolled at other colleges and universities (visiting students)
  • Adults taking courses for professional development or personal interest
  • Students intending to enroll at Truman eventually who want to take a class or two before formally applying

Non-degree seeking students may apply to take one or two courses (up to 8 hours) per semester for credit or non-credit (audit) at Truman.

Important Information for Non-Degree Seeking Students

  • Non-degree seeking students must reapply and be approved for each term in which they wish to enroll
    Visiting students who are enrolled at other colleges or universities and who are interested in taking one or two courses at Truman for transfer credit must be in good standing at their institutions. The Admission Office retains the right to request full academic documentation from non-degree seeking or visiting students.

  • Admission as a non-degree seeking student does not guarantee eventual acceptance as a degree-seeking student
    Students who eventually decide to seek a degree must complete the full application for admission and submit all school transcripts. The University reserves the right to limit the amount of non-degree seeking credit that may be applied toward a degree at Truman if taken prior to completion of application requirements into undergraduate or graduate study.

  • Financial Aid
    Non-degree seeking students are not eligible for federal financial aid programs.

How to Apply as a Non-Degree Seeking Student

The process for applying to Truman as a non-degree seeking student varies depending on your status:

  • Undergraduate Students
    • High school students who plan to take courses on the Truman campus or online and who are not participating in a dual credit or dual enrollment course offered in partnership with their high school
    • Undergraduate students attending another college or university
    • Adults who have not earned an undergraduate degree
  • Graduate Students
    • Anyone who has completed a Bachelor’s degree (even if you only plan to take undergraduate-level courses at Truman)
  • Dual Credit/Dual Enrollment
    • High school students who plan to participate in a dual credit or dual enrollment course offered in partnership with their high school

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