How to Apply: Non-Degree Seeking Graduate Student

Who should use the Graduate Non-Degree Seeking Application?

Anyone who has completed a bachelor’s degree* (even if you only plan to take undergraduate-level courses) who would like to take courses without pursuing a degree.

Before you apply, read the “Tips for Completing the Application” below.

*Don’t have a Bachelor’s Degree? See Application for Non-Degree Seeking Undergraduate Students

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Tips for Completing the Application

  • When you begin the Application for Non-Degree Seeking Graduate Students, be sure to select options relevant to Non-Degree Seeking students.  Unlike most graduate applications, as a non-degree seeking student you will not need to worry about letters of recommendation, essays, or special fees.
  • Click on “Personal Information” to begin entering the details of your application.  At the end of each page, if your information is complete, you will advance to the next page once you click “Save and Continue.”
  • On the second page of the application titled “Enrollment Information,” in the drop-down menu next to “Program,” select the “Non-Degree-Seeking” option. This will make it possible for you to select specific courses that are only available to you. Continue to complete all the requested fields and be sure to click “submit” at the end of your application.

About the Application Process for Non-Degree Seeking Graduate Students

The level of scrutiny your application will face will depend on the discipline you are interested in studying and your prior level of experience.

In some instances, the assessment of your application can be completed by the Institute for Academic Outreach or Graduate Studies (as is often the case with Non-Degree Seeking students). However, for classes in areas that require certain pre-requisites, your file will need to be reviewed by faculty in the appropriate department.  Our faculty might even call or e-mail you to ask you to clarify your background.  This isn’t done to scrutinize you, but to make sure you’re ready for the learning experience you are about to undertake.  Truman’s programs have a reputation for quality.  We want to make sure you are prepared for the rigorous learning experience our programs offer!

Once you’ve been accepted you will be notified by either the Graduate School, the Institute for Academic Outreach, or both, depending on the type of application status you’ve chosen.

If the only courses indicated on your application are Professional Development Courses, Online Graduate Certificate Courses, or regular undergraduate courses for which you meet all of the prerequisites and other requirements, a member of the Institute staff will manually register you.

You will then receive an email (at the email address you put on your application) confirming your registration in the course(s) and providing you with your Truman username and student ID number as well as instructions for setting up your student account, accessing the online course platform (Blackboard), accessing and paying the tuition bills, resources for online students, and contact information for various offices on campus for if you have questions or problems.

If you did not list a course on the application or if there are obstacles to enrolling you in the course (pre-requisite requirements, account holds, etc.), you will be contacted by the Institute via phone and/or email.

For More Information

If you have questions, please contact the Institute for Academic Outreach (, 660-785-5384) or the Graduate Office (, 660-785-4109)