How to Apply: Non-Degree Seeking Undergraduate & High School Students

The deadline to submit applications for spring 2022 is January 10, 2022. The Institute for Academic Outreach requires time to process applications prior to enrollment.

Who should submit the Undergraduate Non-Degree Seeking Application:

  • High school students who plan to take courses on the Truman campus or online and who are NOT participating in a dual credit or dual enrollment course offered in partnership with their high school
  • Undergraduate students attending other colleges or universities
  • Adults who have not earned an undergraduate degree who would like to take one or two courses per semester without pursuing a degree. Do you have a Bachelor’s Degree and plan to take undergraduate-level courses at Truman as a Non-Degree Seeking student? You will need to submit the Application for Non-Degree Seeking Graduate Students.
Application for Non-Degree Seeking Undergraduate

For More Information

If you have questions about applying for Non-Degree Seeking status, please contact The Institute for Academic Outreach (, 660-785-5384)